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DIY Autumn Leaf Confetti to ‘fall’ in LOVE with!

Heart shaped leaf confetti in autumn colours of green, red, orange and gold
Beautiful DIY Autumn Leaf Confetti

It was absolutely glorious this morning, frosty and bright and the autumn colours really were a sight to behold against the clear blue sky… and although I must confess to being a spring/summer kind of girl, there’s something kind of magical about walking through trees and stomping through the leaves 🍁 🍂🍁 (especially when you are attached to a stick munching Labrador!)

With all those glorious reds and golds, ambers and greens, I thought I would share a lovely little autumnal wedding project that makes the most of those amazing colours, whilst being completely eco-friendly at the same time! Win win!

So, grab a cuppa for a super quick read to see whether making your own leaf confetti might be something you would like to try...

Why make your own Confetti?

Leaf Petal Confetti in autumn colours
My own beautiful DIY leaf confetti

There are lots of reasons why you might choose to make your own beautiful leaf confetti for your special day – most importantly it’s completely natural and environmentally friendly (not a drop of glitter or shiny paper here!) and if you pick the right leaves it’s incredibly pretty and will smell amazing! Another advantage is the cost. Buying confetti can be quite an expense – particularly if you have a larger guest list, but leaf confetti is totally free with the exception of any craft punches you choose to buy.

Leaf gathering for confetti is also a fab reason to get those walking boots on and head out for a lovely long walk in the countryside with your husband or wife to be! Better still, why not make a day of it and visit somewhere amazing together? There are some absolutely beautiful local venues with stunning gardens – Kingston Maurward for example, is the most amazing wedding venue with stunning gardens and at the moment it’s totally free to visit!

Kingston Maurward House, gardens and lake at autumn
Kingston Maurward in all it's autumnal glory!

If you have children, leaf collecting is also a fantastic and easy way to involve them in making something for your special day, whilst encouraging them to get outside in the fresh air with you.

How much Confetti will I need?

As a guide one litre of petal confetti usually provides enough for approximately 10 guests, so for 60 guests you would need 6 litres and for 100 guests 10 litres. With leaf confetti, if you are hole punching small shapes you are likely to need extra. When in doubt, I recommend you definitely go for MORE! If you only have a few cones or handfuls, the wind can easily blow it away without it even falling on you and the best photos are definitely the ones with lots of beautiful free-falling confetti.

How do I make it?

I wouldn't recommend anything I haven't had a go at or tried myself and you can see my own results in the first pic in this Blog. I promise it’s so easy! Just grab a big basket or bag, find a big pile of leaves and dig in!

1. Firstly collect a variety of leaves in different shades, colours and textures – yellows and reds make simply beautiful confetti! Try and choose leaves that have already dried out but still retain their colour as these will last much longer.

Fiskars hand punches
'Fiskars' hand punches are perfect for confetti making!

2. Purchase mini-heart / star / flower-shaped hole punches from a craft store. There are lots to choose from, but my top tip here is to opt for a really good hand punch. Having tried lots, my favourites by far as these ones from ‘Fiskars’ – they are so much easier and faster to use than traditional shaped punches.

3. Round up your Bride Tribe, family or wedding help squad and get ready for a hole punching party! It can be quite time consuming but the end results are definitely worth it.

4. Store your leaf confetti in a cool, dry, airtight container until you need it. Mix it with floral confetti to add different colours and textures, or use on its own.

That’s it! – It really is one of the easiest and best penny-saving wedding DIY’s ever! And don’t forget this month we have a fabulous new confetti kit offer running throughout November. When you spend £200 on Individual Item Hire for your special day, you can choose a wonderful Confetti Kit for FREE!*. We have two lovely kits to choose from:

𝓚𝓲𝓽 𝓝𝓸. 1 - Our fabulous hamper with up to 80 beautiful paper confetti cones and 'I am the Confetti Man' sign, or

𝓚𝓲𝓽 𝓝𝓸. 2 - Our huge glass confetti jar that holds enough confetti for even the largest wedding! This kit comes complete with a pedestal table, decorated with voile & organza and also includes our large wooden hanging heart sign, decorated with eucalyptus and roses, or confetti chalkboard sign.

Both kits are absolutely beautiful and will be all ready to top up with your own personal confetti mix. The perfect combination 💕! Pop on through to our Special Offers page for full details and T&Cs, and check out our fabulous stock page to see more of our beautiful décor. There's so much choice, from wedding backdrops to postboxes, table centrepieces to seating plans! There really is something for everyone, whatever your wedding style or theme. We’ve got lots of new pieces coming over the next few weeks too, from the most beautiful Aisle Decor Signs, to Floral Wedding Hoops and an amazing Floral Moon Gate! I can’t wait to share them all with you!

In the meantime, wrap up warm and head outside to enjoy all those wonderful colours autumn has to offer…it's a such a gift!

Happy wedding planning everyone 💕.

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