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Alpaca at Weddings? Yes please sign me up!

Anyone that knows me well, will not be surprised to hear that the prospect of Alpaca turning up on your special day fills me with absolute J O Y! This is one wedding trend that I would happily sign up to again and again!

Long before I said ‘I do’ I discovered that spending time and walking with these gorgeous animals – amazing alpaca or lovely llama, is a thing of wonder! Aside from their unique and cheeky personalities (and eyelashes to die for!), they have such a calming effect. In a demanding and sometimes stressful world, I can guarantee that a walk with an alpaca really is like hitting the ‘reset’ button. Of course dressing up in the poncho and hat is entirely optional!

For us, having alpaca at our wedding felt like the most perfect way to personalise our day, whilst also introducing an element of fun for our guests between our Ceremony and the Wedding Breakfast. Whilst the canapes and fizz were served, the alpaca were the stars of the show, loved by the grown-ups and the not-so-grown-ups too! They really were a very special and memorable addition to our celebrations and we have some pretty awesome photos as a result.

So, if you would like to have alpaca at your wedding and are wondering how to arrange this and what part they can play in your special day, read on...

For the most perfect wedding alpaca experience, I am always delighted to recommend the amazing Happyard. Based just outside of Dorchester, their alpaca are simply wonderful! You can rest assured that they will be just as happy to attend your special day as you will be to have them there, thanks to the love and care they get from their owner, Tina. Having met (and cuddled!) them, it’s clear that they are totally adored, very gentle and comfortable to be around people.

Two alpaca from Happyard at a wedding with a Bride & Groom

You can choose to have either two or four alpaca (yep – they always like to travel in pairs!), and they arrive dressed to impress with handmade fresh seasonal floral garlands around their necks and leading ropes to work with your wedding colour scheme. I think this personal touch is wonderful! When we style your venue, we always strive to incorporate your chosen wedding colours into our décor, so I love the idea that your alpaca can arrive styled to match!

Depending on your requirements you can take them for a walk (if you have a wedding photographer, I highly recommend chatting through location options in advance of your day, for couples photos with your alpaca). They are not at all camera shy and love a selfie, so you are certain to get some amazing pics!

You can even have alpaca as your wedding ring bearers - how totally fab and unique is that!

If you would like to find out more, simply contact the lovely Tina (T: 07554 675 543) to have a chat about your requirements and check availability for your special day. Booking is really easy and she would be delighted to help*. You can even pop out to Happyard in advance of your wedding to meet and greet your gorgeous alpaca (now there’s an idea for a Valentine’s treat!).

I’m really looking forward to seeing alpaca popping up at some of our weddings this year (please feel free to share your lovely photos!), and in between venue styling with our beautiful décor, my hat and poncho will most definitely be back on for more wonderful walks!

Happy Happyard wedding planning everyone,

Naomi x

*Prices start at just £350 (+VAT) for two alpaca for 75 minutes and travel is included within 25miles of Dorchester (DT2 9ED).

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